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Taste Japanese Food- A Combination Of Health, Taste And Art

People living in Japan are fit and even efficient at the age of hundred. It is very easy to find a Japanese elder with working capability. The reason is hidden, to some extent, in their diet. Japanese food is considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in this world. They also have the lower rates of diseases related to the heart. Japanese food is not only about health, but it also serves the eyes.

Luckily, in Australia, you can get access to these foods by selecting the reputed restaurant. It is said that the mood of the chef can be felt through the food he made. That is why it is said that Japanese food has a soul of its own. They arrange the dishes in a colorful way – that is not only good for your health, but also a treat for the eyes. It is very important to enjoy the beauty before satisfying the appetite. In fact, the colors indicate the four seasons of Japan. Japanese people are famous for their artistic sense.

And you can experience this part of the dishes by visiting a bar from St.Kilda cum restaurant offering japanese foods. The use of seasonal colours in food dishes is called the harmony. It is the food through which one can feel the warm summer sun, the colorful falling leaves of winter and the beautiful spring with cherry blossom. Now, we are going to talk about the health benefits of the things with which Japanese people make their delicious savory.


It is one of the most common ingredients in every possible household or any other place that is related to food. It is used in Japanese dishes, like soup, sushi and stir fries. Ginger has numerous health benefits. It aids cold and cough while ginger tea reduces the pain during period cramps. People suffering from arthritis can get huge benefits from ginger. It is also well known for reducing the cholesterol level. Ginger has the property of preventing platelets from sticking together. Thus it is helpful for people who have a risk from clotting blood.


Japanese cuisine is integrally related with fish. Possibly their diet including fish make them a healthy and longer living race. Fish contains Omega 3 that is beneficial for human heart. The more Omega 3 we eat, the healthier our heart will be. It also improves brain function making the Japanese elders capable of doing things like the young people.


With high level of calcium and protein and low level of fat, tofu is one of the greatest dishes for vegetarians. Along with being nutritious it is both tasty and easily affordable.

Shitake mushroom:

Rich in antioxidants, shitake mushroom is good for our immune system.